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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I make sure my flowers last a long time?
    A bouquet of fresh flowers can brighten up any room, but without roots to sustain them, they'll start to wilt and die in a vase. Thankfully, there's a way to make those colorful blooms last much longer with proper care. You'll need to take a few extra steps beyong snipping your stems and throwing them in a vase, but trust us: The payoff is worth it. Taking proper care of your flowers will help them last longer, there's no need to buy fancy preservatives or so-called flower food. You can use pantry staples to give your roses and daffodils an extra burst of life. Follow these steps to keep your flowers living longer with common household ingredients. Step 1: Add 1 quart warm water to a clean vase. Step 2: Pour 2 Tbsp sugar into the water. The sugar will help nourish the flowers and promote opening of the blooms. Step 3: Add 2 Tbsp white vinegar and stir well. The vinegar helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and keeps your flowers fresher longer. If you don't have vinegar and/or sugar, lemon-lime soda mixed with the water will do the same thing. Step 4: Remove all lower leaves from flowers so there won't be any in the water. Step 5: Cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems at an angle while they are under water. Step 6: Arrange your flowers in the vase. Step 7: Display your bouquet in a cool, draft-free area. Avoid direct sunlight, which causes the flowers to die more quickly. Step 8: Change the water every other day and re-cut the stems each time. Step 9: Enjoy your long-lasting flowers!
  • Do you offer same day delivery?
    We do our best to accommodate our customers. If you happen to be in the DC DMV area, please let us know if you need your order in a hurry. We will do our utmost to offer offer same day or one day delivery options.
  • Where are your flowers sourced?
    We offer fresh flowers from a variety of local and non-local suppliers and farms. We prefer working with local flower farms that offer organic and sustainable growing techniques.
  • Can I send flowers to my family outside of the DMV?
    We working on offering shipping direct to our customers who may not be in the DMV area soon. We want to make sure that we can offer the quickest and freshest delivery options possible.
  • Can I visit Joy of Petals or order for pick up?
    Absolutely! We welcome visitors and adhere to local masking guidelines. We do ask if you are planning on a visit to book an appointment in advance. If you would prefer picking up your order, let us know and we'll be happy to arrange curbside pick up at your preferred time.
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